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BGS Happy User

Bubbles Glow Secrets all day youth and the Night restore serums are my best buddies for almost a year now. They are an essential part of my skincare routine. But, good news is, they aren't just for skincare but for prepping skin before makeup too. All day youth serum makes the best makeup primer at the same time moisturises my skin. Don't forget to spray your face with their face mist before and after makeup.. Well infact do that anytime of the day. Talk about baby skin in the morning, all because of my BGS Night restore serum. Still want more info on keeping your skin good at 38?? BGS Saffron and almond face pack every week is your bet!

Veena Hussain

Makeup and Skincare Enthusiast

BGS Happy Customer

On your hunt for skincare... Bubbles glow serums don't just provide your skin with care... They nurture it. They work together creating a flawless canvas and give your skin the luxury it truly deserves. These drops have truly been precious and are now permanent in my skin routine. I recommend them all.

Aisha Imran

Makeup and Skincare Enthusiast/Happy Customer

BGS Happy Customer

I received my Magic products. The first time I applied I felt something happening to my face, and when I looked at the mirror, the GLOW! It felt so good and looked good too! Thank you Sapna, indeed these products are made with your love and blessings. My fav Saffron n Almond face glow powder which I mix with a little hot water, when cool I add drops of honey that's it, apply on face and wash off after 15 mins with normal temp water. I applied the Saffron Almond Serum, WOW! That completed the Glow! Thank You Bubbles Glow Secrets God Bless You.


Happy Customer